Looking At Just A Few Of Our Projects

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Looking At Just A Few Of Our Projects

Building in the Northern Territory can be challenging. Climate conditions, social and economic needs present a unique set of circumstances which not everyone can cope with.

To be a successful and useful part of the community, constructors need to stay ahead of the game. Materials, methods and recruitment are all essentials to making this happen.

Sustainable development in NT can only be done from within, but then again that’s always been the case. As one of the construction companies Darwin relies on, we continue to make significant contributions to the region.

Recent projects from a Darwin construction company

The Palliative Care Facility at Alice Springs Hospital is a great example of fitting the latest buildings into any landscape. State of the art facilities extends from internal spaces to a sealed car park.

The entire project was designed to help both patients and their families to have access to whatever they need. The one-level structure means nobody has to worry about stairs or lifts, and the natural Alice sunlight is everywhere.

In Robinson River, modern building methods and designs have engaged the local community for everyone’s benefit. A brand new, fit for purpose Category 2 Health Clinic has recently been joined by an overnight Police facility.

Both of these projects represent huge benefits to Indigenous residents and building workers. These projects were only possible due to the strength of local community relationships.

The latest materials and construction methods are also to be found in schools and security facilities in NT. Gray and Howard Springs Primary Schools are perfect examples, where existing buildings have been upgraded to fit the 21st Century. Owen Springs is also home to some outstanding Territory Generation projects.

Wider Area

As one of the leading construction companies Darwin and NT can look to, we have wide roots in the area. This includes much-needed housing in remote communities.

The provision and quality of good housing in some areas is something which can really benefit from new construction methods. Nobody’s looking for a Hilton hotel in the outback; what they want is useful housing.

Docker and Robinson River communities especially have benefited from investment in state of the art domestic projects. This doesn’t have to mean fixing what isn’t broken, as upgrades can make the best use of existing homes.

Alternatively, in some remote areas, new builds are exactly what’s needed. Light, airy duplex property is perfect for the conditions in Docker River. For other family types, full two and three bedroom housing built to the highest specifications is perfect. These new builds give stability to the communities who both build them and live in them.


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For more about the great work being carried out by local construction companies Darwin wants, call us at Scope NT.

Our number is 1300 672 673, and you can visit us at https://scopent.com.au.  


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