Why You Should Choose A Local Builder

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Why You Should Choose A Local Builder

Looking to build a home?

Whether it’s your first home or your third, there are certain benefits to hiring a local builder in Alice Springs.

Take a look at our blog post below to see why we believe it’s important to choose local when constructing your new home.


Local builders employ local workers.

This is great for the Alice Springs community by keeping money in and offering more job opportunities.

At Scope Building, we employ a long list of tradespeople and sub-contractors to handle our construction projects.

It’s also important to us when employing apprentices and opening the door to Aboriginal employees.

Having a close-knit team who are Alice Springs locals not only has logistical benefits, it creates a sense of community that may be lacking in mass-scale building companies.


Having a local builder take the reins on your home build is an invaluable asset.

There are certain things a local builder will know about the area that an external building contractor may not know.

For instance, a local builder will know council requirements in relation to building permits, noise curfew—all the red tape associated with home builds.

They’ll know which parts of town are suitable for families, which is suitable for younger demographics, and which is closest to the shops/schools.

They’ll even know the best route to get to the construction site on-time.

It’s these little details that make a big difference when choosing a builder in Alice Springs.


There are various regulations and permits associated with having a property constructed.

That’s why employing a local builder who has a comprehensive understanding of the regulations is so important.

By having a builder who knows the process, when to file the appropriate paperwork, as well as rules surrounding the construction site, is something that can make the build a very smooth and stress-free process.

When you hire an external builder, it may take them time to familiarise themselves with local regulations, which can put a strain on the deadline.

By choosing a local builder, you’re picking a team who knows the local laws inside and out. 

Local builders know the area, the people and are a part of the community.

Buying local stimulates local economy, provides more job opportunities, and makes the conversation a lot more authentic.

When your builder is a local, there a sense of caring—a sense of community that isn’t often translated with larger-scale building contractors.

If you’re thinking about choosing a local builder, consider Scope Building.

Get in touch for a free onsite consultation or fill out our enquiry form for more information.

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